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What turns a normal luxury villa into a designer villa?

What turns a normal luxury villa into a designer villa? 2048 1536 Guild of Spanish Property Professionals

We are constantly bombarded by freshly-coined terms that define emerging trends and concepts, yet we are often ignorant of their real meaning. A “Designer villa” might sound sophisticated, but what does it actually mean? We talk to the development company, BRIGHT, to find out.

Article by Anastasia Sukhanov. Images of Vista Lago Residences, courtesy of BRIGHT.

Design-led developments are at the core of BRIGHT’s philosophy, aimed at creating free-flowing living spaces that improve one’s quality of life. So, what elevates a normal luxury villa into a “designer villa”? We talk to BRIGHT’s Creative Director, Jason Harris, to find out more.

Design starts on the inside

The concept is holistic, and all design starts with the interiors. Function and furniture come first, it’s never an afterthought. Because of state-of-the-art space optimization, designer villas feel bigger than huge mansions: they have no wasted space in hallways and corridors, and no walls where one would normally expect to find them. Moreover, this makes it possible for them to be homes with open lines of communication between each space. This means that a family can enjoy being together while being involved in different activities, and the idea of a quiet home office that doesn’t feel completely detached from the rest of the house is totally possible.

Plot positioning and views

A designer villa is not just plopped onto any available plot of land. Its creators carefully consider plot elevation and orientation, general location, seasonal changes in natural lighting and lifestyle nuances of the local area. In a development that consists of several designer villas, the generosity of the individual plots and the carefully thought-out orientation of each villa should ensure complete privacy. All rooms in a designer villa are designed to take advantage of the available views.

Where possible, a kitchen would enjoy the morning sun and the stove will be facing the view, and windows would be placed strategically to allow the light to flood into each space during different times of the day. The bedrooms are given just as much attention. With glass walls that provide more than 180-degree views, integrated office areas and sitting zones, they are masterfully converted from traditional resting spaces into self-contained luxury suites, where you wouldn’t mind spending the entire day!

Furniture designed for the space

Creators of a designer villa never compromise on style, size, or materials. The choice of furniture in a designer villa is a perfect mix of top designer pieces and custom-made elements that fit the exact requirements of the property. In BRIGHT villas, for example, UDesign create the bespoke furniture–like state-of-the-art dining tables, stylish wine cabinets and gorgeous kitchens with exceptional functionality. Top design brands complement this custom designed furniture with carefully selected pieces from Tom Dixon, Viccarbe, Henge, Brabbu, Edra, Catellan Italia, Minotii and many others.

Art plays a big role

Subtle but irreplaceable, art is found everywhere –in the form of sculptures, wallpaper,lighting, and even the choice of plants and their pots. While pieces of art can often be seen as purely decorative, in a designer villa they are used to bring together adjacent spaces, introduce a focal point, inspire reflection, or to invite one to take a stroll around the property.

Little big details

Although the overall design concept is of prime importance, details, however small they might be, are just as vital in a designer villa. Like showers with built-in spaces for your bathroom goodies, kitchen surfaces that charge your iPhone, unnoticeable but ample storage spaces, glass walls that slide away at the touch of a button, and many other seemingly minor design elements that, in fact, change your life.

Bringing the outside inside

Buying a house is often a lifestyle choice, not just a location one. Whether it’s your holiday home or a permanent base, a designer villa is built taking into account the characteristics of the local climate, maximizing the opportunity of leading an outdoor lifestyle if the home happens to be somewhere warm. It makes extensive use of windows that slide away and favours open plan solutions. Whether it’s a quiet reading spot where you can dip your feet in the pool, a sitting area where one can observe the spectacular views as well as watch TV, a designer villa creates balance and harmony between the villa and its surroundings –and you often don’t have to choose between being inside or outside.

Vista Lago Residences

BRIGHT is currently developing the award-winning Vista Lago Residences, a community of 18 luxury, sustainable villas overlooking Marbella and the most talked about project in Marbella at the moment.Vista Lago is a design-led development, with visually stunning environments created to improve one’s quality of life. In that sense, a designer villa by BRIGHT is much more than luxury finishes, top brands and impressive architectural solutions.

It is a space created to live slowly and tastefully, even if you can only do that for a few minutes each day. A designer villa will help you make most of those minutes, whether it’s with a stunning sunset view at the end of a long work day, or with a freshly picked orange from your organic kitchen garden. As the CEO of BRIGHT, Michael Rodziewicz, says, “A home is a lot more than bricks and cement. It’s an experience.”

For information on BRIGHT’s latest project, Vista Lago Residences, visit their website or talk directly with their Sales Team on +34 682 10 50 02 or email

Delta Force Vision

Delta Force Vision, our exclusive Brand Partner for all your photography needs

Delta Force Vision, our exclusive Brand Partner for all your photography needs 6000 4000 Guild of Spanish Property Professionals
The Guild welcomes Brand Partner Delta Force Vision

As a filmmaker and marketing expert, I have come across numerous companies striving to make their mark in various industries. However, when it comes to the real estate industry, Delta Force Vision, based in Marbella, stands out as the number one provider of comprehensive audiovisual services for real estate agencies. This company offers a wide range of services, from photography and videography to virtual tours and 3D renders, aimed at enhancing the way properties are promoted and sold.

Delta Force Vision: A One-Stop-Shop for Real Estate Marketing

Delta Force Vision prides itself on offering an extensive suite of services that cater to the diverse needs of real estate agencies in Marbella. These services include:

  • International Top Quality Daylight and Sunset Photos: Capturing stunning images of properties is crucial for attracting potential buyers. Delta Force Vision’s skilled photographers excel at shooting top-quality daylight and sunset photos that showcase properties in the best possible light.
  • 4K Videos with Different Styles and Purposes: With the increasing demand for engaging and interactive content, high-quality videos are essential for effectively showcasing properties. Delta Force Vision offers 4K videos in various styles, tailored to suit the unique needs of each property.
  • Drone Mastery: Aerial photography and videography have become increasingly popular in the real estate market. Delta Force Vision’s drone mastery allows them to capture breathtaking aerial shots that provide a comprehensive view of properties and their surroundings.
  • 2D Floorplans and Matterport Virtual Tours: Delta Force Vision understands the importance of providing an immersive experience for potential buyers. By offering 2D floorplans and Matterport virtual tours, they allow clients to explore properties in a virtual environment, ultimately helping them make well-informed decisions.
  • Virtual Staging: An empty property can be challenging for potential buyers to visualize as a future home. Delta Force Vision’s virtual staging services help bring properties to life by digitally adding furniture and decor, making them more appealing to potential buyers.
  • 3D Renders and Photoshop Services: To achieve the perfect vision of a product, Delta Force Vision offers 3D rendering and Photoshop services. These services enable real estate agencies to present their properties in the most polished and professional manner.

To find out more about the services offered by Delta Force Vision and the pricing, visit, send an email to: or talk directly with Alfredo on: (+34) 685 89 04 01

Vista Lago

Buyers Testimony: Vista Lago Residences

Buyers Testimony: Vista Lago Residences 6240 3510 Guild of Spanish Property Professionals
Buyers Testimony: Vista Lago Residences

With its world-class design Vista Lago Residences has become the most talked about new development in Marbella, winning the top prizes at the International Property Awards for World’s Best Residential Development and Best Architecture in Europe. As another testament to its success, over 60% of the villas have already been reserved in just over a year.

So what makes Vista Lago different from other developments? We talk to one of the buyers at Vista Lago to find out why they chose to purchase there.

Tell us about where you came from?

We are originally from the Philippine Islands. We migrated to the United States in the mid 1980’s and are presently residing in the suburbs of Chicago.

What are the key attractions of the Marbella area for you?

Lots of sunshine, beautiful city, happy and friendly people, great location, the Mediterranean Sea, coastal mountains, multi-cultural, diversity, cultural wealth, many places to see within one or two hours car ride, and more beautiful cities to reach in a short airplane ride. And of course the food, and collection of beautiful restaurants.

Which area of the Costa del Sol is your favourite and why?

We like the hills and mountains at the back of Marbella. From La Zagaleta, El Madroñal, Ronda road, La Quinta, Real de La Quinta, Nagüeles and Sierra Blanca. We fell in love with the wide panoramic views of the Mediterranean, La Concha mountain and the glittering lights of Marbella, Puerto Banús and Estepona in the evening. Its cooler because of the elevation. It looks distant but at the same time it’s just 10 minutes drive to the coast.

Vista Lago has many attractions from the views to the world-class design –what factor or factors, made you decide to purchase here?

The views. Sierra de las Nieves to the North, La Concha, La Concepción dam, and Marbella Golden mile to the east with its golden sunrise, the Mediterranean, Puerto Banús, and the New Golden Mile in front of you. The coast of Africa, Atlas mountains and the Rock of Gibraltar in the distant front and west of you. The mountains of La Zagaleta and Monte Mayor to the west with its glorious sunset. No development can compete with these kind of views. Location. It is elevated with views and central to many Marbella attractions yet very close to nature. It is also located in the highest and prominent location within Real de La Quinta, a private secured community with a lot of traditional and modern day amenities. Security. Double security. First with Real de La Quinta and then Vista Lago’s own gated security. Amenities. You are living within the resort community of Real de La Quinta where you can play, relax, eat, meet new friends and enjoy the mountain lake with its very own beach. All in a very secured environment. World-class Design. Confirmed when it won the “World’s Best Residential Development” award at the International Property Awards. For me, it is also the greatest property investment compared to what is available in the area at this moment.

What do you think sets Vista Lago apart from other developments in the area?

The location, within Real de La Quinta and close to Marbella. The views, its hard to find a similar panoramic view in any other development. The whole development design and planning. Each villa is positioned to maximize the panoramic views without obstruction from your neighbours. These parameters make the Inside-Outside design even more grandiose.

Which of the future features of Real de La Quinta resort are you most looking forward to?

The lake, the beach and the Club House next to it. The 35,000 m2 lake and beach club with executive golf course at Real de La Quinta.

How important to you is living in a sustainable home?

This will be one of our retirement homes, maybe the main one. The less maintenance, the better. So, yes, it’s important.

What do you think if any, are the common misconceptions of the Marbella area?

People come here just to play, enjoy, show off and go home. Yes, I see a lot of that. Can you blame them? No, because this is the ideal place to do that. But many people actually call Marbella their home and live here all year round, just like us who would like to make this our home someday.

If you could describe a perfect day living in Vista Lago- What would it be?

Start the day with either a walk with my wife or sit on the terrace with our coffee and computer watching the sunrise. The rest of the day is an open slate with so many options: gardening, exploring the community, visiting so many places nearby, walk on the beach, do some sports. Light lunch. Do some trading on the US market. Siesta. Plan the evening. Night out or night in? Whatever you do, you are doing it with a magnificent background of views. Most likely we will have guests and there are so many things and places to show them. End the night with a glass of wine on your bedroom terrace, watching in awe the glittering lights of Marbella, The Rock and the distant coast of Africa, or the big moon above the Mediterranean casting its light on La Concha.

To find out more about Vista Lago Residences, click HERE, send an email to: or talk directly with the sales team on: (+34) 682 10 50 02

Fine & Country Award

Fine & Country Costa Blanca North: Award winners for the third year running!

Fine & Country Costa Blanca North: Award winners for the third year running! 1200 1200 Guild of Spanish Property Professionals
Fine & Country Costa Blanca North Award Winners for Third Year Running

Fine & Country Costa Blanca North was presented with Spain Regional Winner at the brands annual conference and awards ceremony, which was held on Friday 10th March at The Brewery in London. The event was attended by many of the brands’ UK based agents, as well as those based in locations further afield, such as France, Germany, Hungary, Jersey, Namibia, Portugal, South Africa, Spain and Switzerland.

“We are elated to receive this award and be recognised for our hard work and dedication to our clients over the past year. This award is a culmination of our efforts throughout the last 12 months and a symbol of our commitment to providing exceptional customer service,” said Chris Hara, Managing Director of Fine & Country Costa Blanca North.

Titled ‘To stand out, be outstanding’, the conference focused on the fact that while 2023 is proving to be another year of unpredictability for the housing market, in the challenge lies opportunity for outstanding agents. Nicky Stevenson, Managing Director of Fine & Country, says: “While 2023 will be a more challenging year for the estate agency sector than what we have experienced in the last few years, we believe that with our experience, arsenal of technology, award-winning marketing and international network of like-minded, passionate people behind us, there is no reason why Fine & Country will not stand out from the competition and continue to achieve outstanding results for our clients this year.”

The conference and awards event is an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the agents within Fine & Country who had achieved remarkable results over the past year. “Throughout 2022, many of the agents within the brand achieved some incredible results and truly are outstanding. Our awards ceremony is a celebration of their excellence and an opportunity to recognise their achievements,” adds Stevenson. “Congratulations to those who won awards this year. We are extremely proud of the exceptional performance of the brand throughout 2022, and we are delighted to acknowledge the outstanding efforts of our network,” she concludes.

Get in touch with Fine & Country Costa Blanca North


W: Fine & Country Costa Blanca North

T: +34 966 67 57 68 (Office)

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What makes a development the best in the world?

What makes a development the best in the world? 4200 3150 Guild of Spanish Property Professionals
What makes a development the best in the world?

Vista Lago Residences has become the most talked about new development in Marbella. At the International Property Awards in 2022 it was awarded World’s Best Residential Development and also Best Architecture in Europe. In this article we look at what makes Vista Lago different from other developments and ask why, out of 550 other developments, it was awarded the top prize?

Article by Vivion O’Kelly. Images courtesy of BRIGHT.

What makes Vista Lago different?

We asked this question to Jason Harris, CEO of UDesign, who together with Gonzalez & Jacobsen, are the architects responsible for Vista Lago, he said: “There is no one main difference, because architectural creativity and innovation in all directions have been the driving forces in our approach from the very start. We designed each Vista Lago villa as a rich tableau of form and texture that sits perfectly on its own plot, integrated into the landscape, making it look as if it has always been there.”

Locations and amenities

Vista Lago is a gated community within a gated community, located in the country club estate of Real de La Quinta. It overlooks Marbella and the Mediterranean Sea, with views of the Rock of Gibraltar and Africa beyond. At no more than 15 minutes’ drive from the famous Golden Mile, this makes it an exceptional location in an exceptional part of Spain. The unique setting boasts one of the largest artificial lakes on the Costa del Sol, with a full range of water sports available, also featuring an exclusive golf course with wellness centre and spa, tennis and paddle tennis, a boutique hotel, equestrian centre, shops and top-end restaurant.

Design comes first

Design is the key word in Vista Lago, and it goes well beyond the design of each actual home. All are designed differently, which is quite unique in even the most luxurious of developments, and built to the highest standards possible. Each villa has a generous plot, and having been built on the highest plot in Real de La Quinta, none is overlooked by any other. Building density was sacrificed for the benefit of space, exceptional views and total privacy, but this does not translate to a lack of space. No wasted space in hallways and corridors, an absence of walls where one would normally expect to find them, a house that works just as well outside as in.

Design formula to maximize the views

A layout was created for the living area that would maximize the views – so whether standing in the kitchen, sitting at the dining table, relaxing on the sofa or sunbathing on the terrace, the view is ever-present. Every area of the lounge and terrace looks straight out to the sea.

Complete privacy for each villa

Each villa has not only visual privacy but also audio privacy. A future owner, relaxing in their living room or on their terrace, will have a clear sea view without seeing any of the other villas. When talking on their own terrace, they won’t be able to hear other owners chatting on their terraces. Essentially, the villas are designed in such a way that owners will be completely oblivious to their neighbours.

Bespoke homes

Each villa will be built to each client’s preference, reflecting their way of life, personal taste and family circumstances. Residents will be able to pick and choose individually tailored designs as they wish in a wide variety of ways, from saunas to fully-equipped spas,home offices, gymnasiums and multi-use basements being just some of the options available.

Architectural innovations

The design of Vista Lago incorporates a plethora of architectural innovations.One of these innovations are the distinctive beams that wrap around the hallway of each villa–they are not just a beautiful design feature. Once the floor-to-ceiling windows in the living area are fully opened, they slide into special glass walls in the hallway, giving unrestricted views in the lounge and creating a light-filled hallway that also has unrestricted views to the sea.

Little big details

Showers with built-in spaces for your bathroom goodies, unnoticeable but ample storage spaces, glass walls that slide away at the touch of a button, and many other seemingly minor design elements that, in fact, change your life.

Energy Conservation and sustainability

This is less evident on sight alone, but can, nevertheless, be clearly seen in the use of natural materials throughout each villa. All villas are in the process of being BREEAM certified, which guarantees a high level of environmental performance and reduction of the impact of each building both during the construction stage and throughout its life cycle. Specifically, it means improved energy efficiency at all levels, including electricity saving through state-of-the-art heat recovery and intelligent control systems, a comprehensive photovoltaic installation, all LED lighting, increased thermal insulation thickness of the building envelope and an indoor ventilation system with both exhaust and intake heat recovery. Water will be saved by a variety of innovative measures. Treatment systems, including drip irrigation for grey water and rainwater, dual-flush toilets, pressurized tap systems, efficient water storage, soil moisture sensors to regulate irrigation cycles and many more measures are all part and parcel of each villa.

Every home in Vista Lago, inside and out, is designed in such a way to maximize the health and well-being of its occupants. Owners can choose to have organic vegetable plots in their gardens, mini orchards and kitchen herb gardens.With charging points for electric cars, and pollution from light, noise and emissions dramatically reduced, a luxurious yet completely sustainable lifestyle can be fully realized. Add to all this the innovations in sustainable materials used in all Vista Lago villas and in land use, protection and creation of natural habitat, strict pollution control with regard to waste and water run-off, and you have a subsequent increase in health and well-being in a safe and sustainable environment for now and for the foreseeable future.

If it’s difference we’re looking for, there you have it.

Vista Lago Residences

Developed by BRIGHT – Architecture by UDesign and González & Jacobsen – Interior Design by UDesign.

For more information please click HERE


W: Vista Lago

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og:image F&C Costa Blanca North Master License

Family owned business takes on Fine & Country Master License for Spain

Family owned business takes on Fine & Country Master License for Spain 2048 1152 Guild of Spanish Property Professionals
PRESS ANNOUNCEMENT: Family owned business takes on Fine & Country Master License for Spain

As the Fine & Country brand continues to expand globally at a rate of knots, Chris Hara, Managing Director at Fine & Country Costa Blanca North, identified a unique opportunity within the Spanish arm of the business, deciding to take on the Fine & Country Master License for Spain.

Fine & Country Costa Blanca North, located on the south-east coast of Spain, have won many prestigious awards throughout 2022 for their real estate services and have been recognized in the Top 100 Real Estate Brokers and Developers in the World by the Luxury Lifestyle Awards. In addition, they also picked up the Marketing and Exposure Award at the Fine & Country International Award Ceremony in London for the second consecutive year. As a top performing licensee, Hara and his team are the ideal candidates to champion Fine & Country in Spain and continue to grow the premium brand’s global footprint in the region.

Hara, along with his wife and business associate, Jacqueline, were presented with the concept of launching a standalone Fine & Country office, focusing on luxury and lifestyle properties, in May 2019. Chris brings with him a wealth of knowledge, with almost 20-years’ experience as a successful and decorated real estate agent in Costa Blanca North. When asked how the progression from office to Master Licence came about, Hara comments: “Our son Cristian, who studied Business and Economics at Valencia University, was looking for an opportunity to work within our business after recently receiving a degree equivalent studying for the “Certificado Agente Professional Inmobiliario”, (Professional Real Estate Certificate). He received his certificate the same time we were offered the opportunity to take on the Master License, so as a family, we saw this as an opportunity to cement the future of our family-owned business, as well as allowing us to ensure Fine & Country Spain can develop further in relatively untapped Spanish markets.”

Fine & Country Costa Blanca North

Chris and Jacqueline relocated to Spain from the UK in 2004, and after experiencing buying a property in Spain themselves, Chris took a leap of faith and opened a real estate business in Costa Blanca North, coming from a financial services background at Director level. Similarly, Jacqueline also has experience in financial services from a strategic distribution perspective. With their son, Cristian being born in Spain and therefore native to the country, the family hope their collective passion and knowledge will allow them to develop and work with like-minded licensees to gain a greater market share, unlock new markets and ultimately become more profitable.

Hara says: “We want to emulate the success we have had engaging with and supporting our existing office network already established in Spain, sharing best practice, marketing initiatives and expanding by opening new offices across the country. We have a wealth of experience within the network and want Fine & Country Spain to be recognized as a major, well-respected provider in the top quartile of the international marketplace attracting more affluent global clients to our shores.

Being part of the Fine & Country network means we benefit from a brand that has been forged from a mutual entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to revolutionizing the real estate industry. Facilitated by a powerful combination of innovative marketing, technology and most of all passionate people, the network has exponentially grown since its inception and is now a multi-award-winning luxury estate agency in just over two decades, going from one location to 300, and from one country to 14! Cristian and I are very excited to be given this unmissable opportunity to progress, develop and continue to drive the Fine & Country brand forward in Spain.”

Nicky Stevenson, Managing Director at Fine & Country, says: “I am delighted that Fine & Country is continuing to thrive in a buoyant Spanish market, and welcoming Chris and Jacqueline as Master License holders has been a pleasure. They are already highly successful agents in their area, with their awards cabinet speaking for itself! I look forward to seeing them replicate these successes across the brand throughout the country and will work closely with them to ensure they have all the support they need to achieve their goals,” she concludes.

Fine & Country Costa Blanca North

Get in touch with Fine & Country Costa Blanca North


W: Fine & Country Costa Blanca North

T: +34 966 67 57 68 (Office)

M: +34 683 38 47 50 (WhatsApp)

Fine & Country Award

Fine & Country Costa Blanca North: Top 100 Real Estate Brokers and Developers 2022 of the world

Fine & Country Costa Blanca North: Top 100 Real Estate Brokers and Developers 2022 of the world 1069 775 Guild of Spanish Property Professionals
Fine & Country Costa Blanca North has been selected in the TOP 100 Real Estate Brokers and Developers 2022 of the world by the Luxury Lifestyle Awards

“We are extremely proud to receive this distinguished award from the Luxury Lifestyle Awards. As an existing LLA winner for the past two consecutive years which has allowed us to be put forward and then selected as one of the winners in the category of TOP 100 REAL ESTATE BROKERS AND DEVELOPERS is testament to the dedication, professionalism and commitment of our team who constantly strive to provide a unique and bespoke real estate experience for our clients whilst representing the Fine & Country brand. A brand that has been forged from mutual entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to revolutionising the real estate industry worldwide” said Christopher Hara Owner and Managing Director of Fine & Country Costa Blanca North.

To get in touch with Fine & Country Costa Blanca North, please click HERE

og:image BRIGHT joins the Guild SPP

The Guild is delighted to welcome award winning developer BRIGHT

The Guild is delighted to welcome award winning developer BRIGHT 4000 3000 Guild of Spanish Property Professionals
The Guild is delighted to welcome award winning developer BRIGHT

BRIGHT creates homes that improve quality of life through pure design – community areas with a wonderful feeling of space, home offices where isolation is not a factor, kitchens that inspire a healthier lifestyle and bedroom suites designed for easy sleep. In the BRIGHT world, design always comes first.

BRIGHT was set up shortly after its CEO, Michael Rodziewicz, met his counterpart in UDesign, Jason Harris, asking for help in turning his Marbella house into a home. Michael had searched, unsuccessfully, for a cool, contemporary villa that looked as good inside as out, and ended up buying in the traditional Andalusian style. So far, so good…well, good enough. That is, until he purchased a truckload of furniture that should have fitted in, both physically and aesthetically, but didn’t. Creative Director Jason did his thing, and the problem was solved. The BRIGHT partnership was born.

UDesign is pure design. A team of 3D specialists works on each project, ensuring that furniture, fittings and lighting – the three principal elements that are often no more than an afterthought – are contextualised from the start. UDesign begins the design process from the inside, designing homes based on how people like to live. As Jason says: “design is a concept, not a set of drawings. The true beauty of a design is as much in how it works and feels as in how it looks. Design is holistic, and I use the word in its strict sense: it involves feelings of well-being as well as pure aesthetics.”

The combination of a design studio and a developer working as one brings together both the creative and technical aspect of innovative architectural design to produce exceptional results.

As the first developer to bring design-led projects to an area like the Costa del Sol, BRIGHT is a trail blazer. Michael puts it this way: “a great home should improve your quality of life, probably more than any other single factor. Together, we’re making this a reality”.

BRIGHT’s first project in Marbella was Villa Alcuzcuz, a 1,323 square-metre award-winning home, completely sustainable – Marbella’s first avant-garde luxury house designed and built under Passive House Regulations and Standards. Architecture awards: “Best in Spain” and “Best in Europe” from the International Property Awards in 2019. The villa was sold in February 2021.

BRIGHT is currently developing Vista Lago Residences, a luxury development of 18 individually designed sustainable villas, located fifteen minutes from Puerto Banús on one of the highest plots of Real de La Quinta, overlooking Marbella. Architecture awards: “Best in Spain”,“Best in Europe” and the top prize of “Best International Residential Development” from the International Property Awards in 2021.

To get in touch with BRIGHT, please click HERE