What turns a normal luxury villa into a designer villa?

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What turns a normal luxury villa into a designer villa?

What turns a normal luxury villa into a designer villa? 1920 1440 Guild of Spanish Property Professionals

We are constantly bombarded by freshly-coined terms that define emerging trends and concepts, yet we are often ignorant of their real meaning. A “Designer villa” might sound sophisticated, but what does it actually mean? We talk to the development company, BRIGHT, to find out.

Article by Anastasia Sukhanov. Images of Vista Lago Residences, courtesy of BRIGHT.

Design-led developments are at the core of BRIGHT’s philosophy, aimed at creating free-flowing living spaces that improve one’s quality of life. So, what elevates a normal luxury villa into a “designer villa”? We talk to BRIGHT’s Creative Director, Jason Harris, to find out more.

Design starts on the inside

The concept is holistic, and all design starts with the interiors. Function and furniture come first, it’s never an afterthought. Because of state-of-the-art space optimization, designer villas feel bigger than huge mansions: they have no wasted space in hallways and corridors, and no walls where one would normally expect to find them. Moreover, this makes it possible for them to be homes with open lines of communication between each space. This means that a family can enjoy being together while being involved in different activities, and the idea of a quiet home office that doesn’t feel completely detached from the rest of the house is totally possible.

Plot positioning and views

A designer villa is not just plopped onto any available plot of land. Its creators carefully consider plot elevation and orientation, general location, seasonal changes in natural lighting and lifestyle nuances of the local area. In a development that consists of several designer villas, the generosity of the individual plots and the carefully thought-out orientation of each villa should ensure complete privacy. All rooms in a designer villa are designed to take advantage of the available views.

Where possible, a kitchen would enjoy the morning sun and the stove will be facing the view, and windows would be placed strategically to allow the light to flood into each space during different times of the day. The bedrooms are given just as much attention. With glass walls that provide more than 180-degree views, integrated office areas and sitting zones, they are masterfully converted from traditional resting spaces into self-contained luxury suites, where you wouldn’t mind spending the entire day!

Furniture designed for the space

Creators of a designer villa never compromise on style, size, or materials. The choice of furniture in a designer villa is a perfect mix of top designer pieces and custom-made elements that fit the exact requirements of the property. In BRIGHT villas, for example, UDesign create the bespoke furniture–like state-of-the-art dining tables, stylish wine cabinets and gorgeous kitchens with exceptional functionality. Top design brands complement this custom designed furniture with carefully selected pieces from Tom Dixon, Viccarbe, Henge, Brabbu, Edra, Catellan Italia, Minotii and many others.

Art plays a big role

Subtle but irreplaceable, art is found everywhere –in the form of sculptures, wallpaper,lighting, and even the choice of plants and their pots. While pieces of art can often be seen as purely decorative, in a designer villa they are used to bring together adjacent spaces, introduce a focal point, inspire reflection, or to invite one to take a stroll around the property.

Little big details

Although the overall design concept is of prime importance, details, however small they might be, are just as vital in a designer villa. Like showers with built-in spaces for your bathroom goodies, kitchen surfaces that charge your iPhone, unnoticeable but ample storage spaces, glass walls that slide away at the touch of a button, and many other seemingly minor design elements that, in fact, change your life.

Bringing the outside inside

Buying a house is often a lifestyle choice, not just a location one. Whether it’s your holiday home or a permanent base, a designer villa is built taking into account the characteristics of the local climate, maximizing the opportunity of leading an outdoor lifestyle if the home happens to be somewhere warm. It makes extensive use of windows that slide away and favours open plan solutions. Whether it’s a quiet reading spot where you can dip your feet in the pool, a sitting area where one can observe the spectacular views as well as watch TV, a designer villa creates balance and harmony between the villa and its surroundings –and you often don’t have to choose between being inside or outside.

Vista Lago Residences

BRIGHT is currently developing the award-winning Vista Lago Residences, a community of 18 luxury, sustainable villas overlooking Marbella and the most talked about project in Marbella at the moment.Vista Lago is a design-led development, with visually stunning environments created to improve one’s quality of life. In that sense, a designer villa by BRIGHT is much more than luxury finishes, top brands and impressive architectural solutions.

It is a space created to live slowly and tastefully, even if you can only do that for a few minutes each day. A designer villa will help you make most of those minutes, whether it’s with a stunning sunset view at the end of a long work day, or with a freshly picked orange from your organic kitchen garden. As the CEO of BRIGHT, Michael Rodziewicz, says, “A home is a lot more than bricks and cement. It’s an experience.”

For information on BRIGHT’s latest project, Vista Lago Residences, visit their website vistalago.es or talk directly with their Sales Team on +34 682 10 50 02 or email info@by-bright.com